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Patrick's Point State Park

Patrick's Point State Park is a 640 acre park in the heart of California's coast redwood country. Forests of spruce, hemlock, pine, fir and red alder stretch over an ocean headland with wildflower-filled meadows. The park includes camping, hiking, and a visitor center. It is off Highway 101 about 25 miles north of Eureka. Phone 707-677-3570.

Agate Campground. Two generally accessible campsites are available. They include firm surface activity areas, accessible tables, fire circles and spigots. An accessible restroom with showers is available.

Campfire Center Trail. This 0.22 mile, paved, level and very popular trail runs to the campfire center. Parking is generally accessible.
Nature Trail (Native American Plants Trail) is an interpretive nature trail on packed soil through forest, accessible for 0.16 mile. Trailhead with paved parking at main parking area. Restroom is generally accessible.
Patrick’s Point Campfire Center Spur Trail. See campfire center trail, described above. This trail loops off that one for 0.15 mile.
Patrick’s Point Access Trail: This is a short paved level trail is about 500 feet long. Trailhead and generally accessible parking are located at Wedding Rock parking lot.

Accessible parking is located adjacent to the visitor center. A built-up curb ramp is usable. Stairs lack handrails, and there are minor problems with entry door height and threshold. The interior of the visitor center is generally accessible. Assistance is provided in the sales area. Restrooms: Two unisex restrooms in a nearby separate building are usable.

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