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Patrick's Point State Park

Patrick's Point State Park is a 640 acre park in the heart of California's coast redwood country. Forests of spruce, hemlock, pine, fir and red alder stretch over an ocean headland with wildflower-filled meadows. The park includes camping, hiking, and a visitor center. It is off Highway 101 about 25 miles north of Eureka. Phone (707) 677-3570 for more information.

Agate Campground: Three designated accessible campsites are available (#91, #92, and #94).

All four cabins in the Agate Campground are wheelchair accessible; however, the restroom building across the road from the cabins is not. The nearest wheelchair accessible restroom building is located adjacent to campsite #91 (approximately 200-300 yards from the cabins via the campground road). There is also a wheelchair accessible portable toilet available near the cabins.

Abalone Campground: Three designated accessible campsites are available (#65, #68, and #69).

Each campsite includes a firm tent surface, accessible table, fire circle, and spigot. Accessible restrooms with showers are nearby.

Ceremonial Rock/Sumeg Village Trail: This 0.75 mile trail connects the park visitor center to the Rim/Campfire Center Trail near Wedding Rock parking lot. On this accessible trail visitors will experience hiking through a spruce forest. Along the forest hike, visitors will pass near to the Native Plant Garden, Sumeg Village, and Ceremonial Rock.

Rim/Campfire Center Trail: This 0.89 mile trail connects the Wedding Rock parking lot to the Campfire Center parking lot. The experience for the visitors is a hike along the coastal bluff with multiple views of the ocean along the trail and at overlook areas.

Patrick’s Point Overlook Trail: This 0.07 mile trail is a spur trail from the Rim/Campfire Center Trail near Wedding Rock parking lot out onto the top of a rock coastal bluff with full 180-degree view of the ocean.

Beach/Shore Access
A beach wheelchair is available for check-out at the Patrick’s Point State Park kiosk for use at nearby parks with wheelchair accessible beaches. Call (707) 677-3570 for more information.

Accessible parking is located adjacent to the visitor center. A built-up curb ramp is usable. Stairs lack handrails, and there are minor problems with entry door height and threshold. The interior of the visitor center is generally accessible. Assistance is provided in the sales area. Two unisex restrooms in a nearby separate building are usable.

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