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Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Established in 1902, Big Basin is California's oldest state park. It has miles of trails that traverse a wide variety of environments over elevations from sea level to more than 2000 feet. The park is 25 miles northwest of Santa Cruz via Highways 9 and 236, but those with trailers should follow the less winding Route 1 to Highways 9 and 236. For more information, call (831) 338-8860.

Blooms Creek Campground: Five campsites are accessible. Restroom and showers are accessible. Some restrooms have adjacent accessible parking. Routes of travel between campsites and restrooms are generally accessible, and distances from sites are all within 150 feet.

Semperverins Campground: Three campsites are accessible. Parking, routes, and water stations are accessible. Restroom is accessible.

Huckleberry Campground: Two campsites are accessible. Parking and routes are accessible.

Tent Cabins: Three tent cabins in Huckleberry that are designated accessible have sloped entry ramps that may require assistance. Restroom with showers are accessible. Each cabin has a parking spur with generally firm but unmarked surfaces. Route of travel to ramps is flat and usable.

Alder Creek Trail Camp: This hike in only campground has 4 accessible campsites and an accessible restroom. No other amenities such as water, tables, or showers are provided. The route is a dirt road approximately 1 mile long starting at the Rancho del Oso parking lot. There is a small farm along the road with vehicles actively using the road. One section of the road has a slope of approximately 10%-15% for 100 yards. The road is muddy during wet periods.

Sequoia Group Camp: One group site is accessible. Restroom with showers are accessible and include van accessible parking.

Picnic Area
The main picnic area has about 15 accessible picnic tables. Accessible parking and routes of travel to 6 sites are available. The restroom in the main parking lot and picnic area, and the routes of travel to them are accessible.

The Statue of Responsibility has two accessible picnic sites and accessible parking. There is an accessible restroom nearby in the adjacent Park Headquarters building.

Rancho del Oso: Accessible picnic tables, restroom and water are provided at the Rancho del Oso office. The trailhead for the Alder Creek Trail Camp is located in the parking lot.

The Redwood Loop Trail is a 0.6 mile loop through ancient redwood stands. It is located near Park Headquarters. Accessible parking and restrooms nearby. The surface is compacted soil. This is Big Basinís most popular hike.

The Campground Connector Trail begins at the Blooms Creek Campground and provides accessible trail linkage to the Redwood Loop Trail and Park Headquarters. Accessible parking is available at both ends. An accessible campsite and bathroom is available near the trailhead in the Blooms Creek Campground. Trail length is 0.5 mile.

The Skyline to the Sea Trail (Accessible Section): This section of the Skyline to the Sea Trail is accessible from the Headquarters Area for approximately 0.3 mile. The out and back trail section is surfaced with compacted gravel and soil and has accessible parking at the trailhead, which serves both the Skyline to the Sea Trail (Accessible Section) and the Redwood Loop Trail. Accessible restrooms are located nearby.

The Visitor Center is located adjacent to Park Headquarters. The route of travel to the visitor center and throughout the core area is accessible. The exhibits are generally accessible. An accessible restroom is located next to the Sempervirens Room and accessible parking spaces are nearby.

The Campfire Center and adjacent Opal Creek restroom are accessible. Take the Redwood Loop Trail to access the Campfire Center.

Other Information
Rancho del Oso / Waddell Creek Area: Located on the western edge of the park, accessible by vehicle from Highway 1, the Rancho del Oso Nature Center is accessible including parking, restroom and picnic sites.

West of Highway 1 there is an ocean overlook parking area with accessible parking and restroom. Directly across Highway 1 to the east is an equestrian staging area that has accessible parking, restroom, and horse mounting platform.

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