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Point Lobos State Reserve

Deriving its name from the offshore rocks at Punta de los Lobos Marinos, Point of the Sea Wolves, Point Lobos State Reserve offers hiking, photography, painting, nature study, and picnicking, and is very popular for SCUBA diving. On nice days, prospective visitors should try to arrive early, as the park fills rapidly. The park entrance is located three miles south of Carmel on Highway One. Phone (831) 624-4909 for more information.

Easy Access Adventures! Explore the wonders of Point Lobos at your own pace along trails that are fully compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. You are welcome to tour at your own pace, whether you walk fast or slow, are pushing a stroller or walker, using a cane or a wheelchair. Docents with scopes, binoculars, otter pelts, photos, and more will be along the trails to make Point Lobos come alive! We are using state-of-the-art technology to make it easy for anyone to see what is happening in real time in the view of a spotting scope. A close-up of an otter’s face! Baby birds in a nest! Whatever is found by our docents can be seen by all. Of course, there is no charge for participating. For more information visit the Point Lobos Foundation.

Picnic Area
Whaler’s Cove: The picnic area has one accessible table on a new firm, stable surface. The parking lot and route of travel are generally accessible. Restrooms: A generally accessible comfort station is nearby. The path of travel is accessible.

The Piney Woods area has an accessible table on dirt surfaces that may be usable in dry weather. An accessibly designed restroom is available in the parking area.

The picnic area at Bird Island has four accessible tables including accessible parking and restroom.

The Cypress Grove Trail is accessible for 0.25 mile and offers excellent views of the cove. The trailhead, accessible parking and a accessible comfort station are located in the Cypress Grove parking area.

The Sand Hill Trail, also called the Sea Lion Point Trail, is a paved accessible loop trail about 0.4 mile long leading to great views of the cove and perhaps the occasional otter and/or sea lion. Parking is available at the Sea Lion Point lot. The Trailhead is 200 feet beyond the parking lot along the road.

The Carmelo Meadow Trail begins at the entry station and provides accessible trail linkage to the Granite Point Trail (also accessible). The trail winds through native Monterey Pine forest and terminates at Whalers Cove. Accessible parking is available at the park entrance. The trail is 0.3 miles in length and is surfaced with compacted soil.

The Granite Point Trail is accessed by way of the Carmelo Meadow Trail. The route hugs the Whalers Cove bluff offering spectacular views of the coastline and its abundant wildlife. Accessible parking is available at the park entrance. The trail is 0.36 miles in length and is surfaced with compacted soil.

The Bird Island Trail begins at the Reserve's southern most parking lot and is approximately 0.5 mile long. The trail provides views of Bird Island and China Cove where visitors can watch harbor seals nursing new born pups.

Other Information
The Cypress Grove area has an information kiosk with park-related publications and other small items of interest. Accessible parking and restroom are nearby.

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