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Richardson Grove State Park

Named after Friend W. Richardson, the 25th governor of California, Richardson Grove State Park is where you first encounter significant old growth redwood forest when coming north. It is seven miles south of Garberville on Highway 101. Phone 707-247-3318. You may leave a message if you get taped information.

Huckleberry Campground has no designated accessible sites, but campsites #1, #2, #4, #5, #26, and #31-34 may be suitable for use by some campers with disabilities. Restroom with shower. The restroom adjacent to campsite 5 has a toilet stall that is generally accessible. Shower may be usable. Routes of travel to this restroom from the above sites may not be wheelchair accessible, but a van-accessible parking space is adjacent to the restroom and on an accessible route of travel to the restroom.

The Nature Trail has two loops, one on the north and one on the south side of the visitor center, which serves as the trailhead for each loop. Both loops meander through large, old growth redwood trees. The south loop is an interpretive trail with numerous panels along the trail that interpret the natural history of the redwoods. Restroom. A unisex restroom behind the visitor center is generally accessible. Parking. There are designated accessible parking spaces in the visitor center parking lot near the start of both loops.

The Exhibit / Grove Nature Trail is over 1/3 of a mile long and consists of several small trail loops that depart from the Visitor Center to the north, south, and west. The west loop branches off of the north loop and goes under the highway for safe passage.

Vistor Center/Store. This facility may be usable. Assistance may be needed with ramp, thresholds, and doors. Some store aisles are narrow and reach to some items may help from sales staff. Parking. Three spaces are designated accessible.

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