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La Purisima Mission State Historic Park

Founded in 1787, and largely destroyed by an 1812 earthquake, the Mission was restored in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and the WPA. It is one of the earliest and most complete mission restorations in the West. Self-guided tours of church, shops, living quarters and gardens, and occasional special events. Located at 2295 Purisima Road, Lompoc. Phone 805-733-3713.

El Camino Real Trail. Historic paved fire road accessible for 0.80 mile. It begins about 0.30 miles off the Rancheria Trail.
La Rancheria Trail. A 0.31 mile rural trail set in coastal hills. Trailheads, restroom, accessible visitor parking and potable water are located at park entrance gate. Unpaved roadside parking outside park.

Historic adobe structures here often include narrow doors, steps up or down,and high thresholds at the entries that may require assistance. An earthen ramp to the north deck helps provide access to the monastery, but assistance may still be required at the room entries. A new visitor center is expected to be under construction by the summer of 2003. It will provide new restrooms and alternative access. Meanwhile, a self-guided tour brochure is available in enlarged font, and a loaner wheelchair is available that fits through the narrow doors and has balloon tires helpful with the terrain and the steps. Parking. Accessible parking is available. Restroom . Restrooms are usable. Accessible portables are added near the parking area for special events. Visitors with mobility disabilities may be escorted in their vehicles to park near the restroom area.

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