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Will Rogers State Historic Park

Will Rogers State Historic Park preserves the remaining 186-acre equestrian ranch and home of one of Americaís most beloved humorists, philosopher, and cowboy- Will Rogers. Mr. Rogers and his family provided an easygoing brand of hospitality at their ranch. Their guests list of personal friends and world-famous celebrities included Walt Disney, Clark Gable, the Charles Lindbergh family, and famous artists and pilots of the day. In 1944, nine years after his tragic death, Willís widow Betty Rogers deeded the ranch to the State of California to be enjoyed as a public memorial to her late husband. We welcome you to come and explore the historic museum and hike through the scenic trails that Will relished and shared with everyone who came to visit during his own time. The park is open daily from 8 AM until Sunset. Call the park interpreter at (310) 454-8212 ext. 100 for more information on tours or reservations.

Picnic Area
Two accessibly designed picnic tables at the east end of the park, an accessible parking space and accessible portable restroom are nearby. The route of travel and area around the tables are usable.

The Inspiration Loop Trail begins at the riding arena and is accessible for nearly 1/2 mile. The trail offers amazing views of the Los Angeles Basin and the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains. The trail is constructed of compacted soil. Accessible parking is not available at the trailhead. Please contact the park interpreter at (310) 454-8212 ext. 100 for wheelchair accessible service to access the trailhead.

The Ranch House House is open for tours Thursdays and Fridays at the top of the hour from 11AM-3PM and Saturdays and Sundays at the top of the hour from 10AM-4PM. House tours are not offered Monday through Wednesday. You do not need a reservation to take a tour unless you have a group of 15 or more, in which case you would need to call the park interpreter. Parking: Five designated accessible spaces are dispersed throughout the main lot. Restrooms: The restrooms are usable. Route of travel is usable. Some slopes may require assistance.

The Visitor Center is open daily and is fully accessible.

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