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Salton Sea State Recreation Area

One of the world’s largest inland seas, Salton Sea was created by accident when a dike broke during the construction of the All-American Canal in 1905. The resulting 360-square-mile basin became today’s Salton Sea State Recreation Area. It provides a unique desert oasis for boaters, water-skiers and anglers. Visitors glimpse how the ever-increasing salt and nutrient content in this basin with no outlet threatens the existence of the systems within the Sea.

Varner Harbor, New Camp Campground has two accessible campsites. Accessible campsites are #’s 37and 45.
Restroom and shower: The New Camp Campground restroom/shower building is fully accessible.
Parking: Accessible parking spaces are available at the restroom. Route of travel from site and parking to restroom is accessible.

Picnic Area
There are six accessibly designed picnic sites at the Visitor Center parking lot. There are accessible tables with a post-mounted grill. No water is available at the site.
Restroom: An accessible restroom nearby.
Parking: Accessible parking is provided for the picnic sites.

New Trail in Construction:
On January 6, 2014, California State Parks will begin construction on a portion of the Ironwood Nature Trail. Construction is anticipated to end in May 2014. During this time, crews will work to improve a quarter-mile stretch of existing trail, and construct a quarter mile of new trail to provide access for people with disabilities. The result will be a half mile accessible loop trail. In addition, the project will install a shade ramada and accessible picnic area with views of the Salton Sea, as well as accessible parking at the trailhead. Please note that a small section of the existing Ironwood Nature Trail will be temporarily closed during construction. This will include a quarter-mile stretch beginning at the trailhead located at the south end of New Camp Campground. The remaining stretch of trail will be open to the public and can be accessed from the Mecca Beach Campground. Funding for the accessibility improvements along the Ironwood Nature Trail comes from Propositions 12 and 84, and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

There are no developed fishing facilities in the park, but many visitors fish from the Varner Harbor picnic area. A concrete pad at the accessible picnic site reaches nearly to the waters edge, permitting persons with mobility impairments some opportunity to fish. There are neither railings nor edge protection. Restrooms, parking and routes of travel are accessible as described in Picnic Area.

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