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Lake Perris State Recreation Area

Formed by Perris Dam, Lake Perris State Recreation Area offers a variety of water recreation activities, including scuba diving, as well as camping and picnicking. The Ya’ Heki’ Regional Indian Museum is available to tour by group reservation only. The park is located eleven miles south of Riverside. Phone (951)-657-0676 for more information.

All camping is by reservation only, either at 800-744-7275 or at www.reserveamerica.com.
Luiseño Campground offers many accessible sites dispersed over 4 loops, including a number of RV sites with full hookups.
Upper and Lower Tent Loops. Eight sites that are generally accessible are dispersed through these loops. Restrooms near the accessible campsites are accessible and mostly include adjacent accessible parking. The campfire center is accessible including accessible parking and restroom.An accessible horshoe pit is available.
Upper and Lower RV Loops. The Upper RV loop has nine mostly accessible sites, and the Lower Loop has three. All 12 sites are at least generally accessible. Restrooms with showers are accessible in most loops and most include accessible adjacent parking.
Horse Camp. Accessible campsites, (van) parking, and equestrian mounting platform are available.

Picnic Area
Moreno Beach Area. Accessible picnic sites are located near parking lots 10 and 11. Restrooms are accessible. Outdoor showers have dual heads and grab bars. Parking: Accessible parking spaces are spread throughout the five lots in this area.
Perris Beach Area. Several accessible tables are dispersed throughout the picnic areas at Perris Beach. Nearly all sites are generally accessible. Restrooms and parking are accessible.
Group Picnic Areas B & C. Each group area has several accessible picnic sites. Restrooms and parking are accessible.
Power Cove.Accessible picnic sites, comfort station and parking are available.

The Lake Perris Bike and Hike Trail is about 10 miles long, extending almost completely around the lake and offering views of riparian areas and vistas of the surrounding foothills. The east end has slopes under 5% for almost all of the first 3 miles, and is accessible. The rest of the trail is fairly accessible, though a bit more challenging in some areas. Trailheads are available from most parking lots, but the most accessible parking and restrooms are at the Power Cove lot trailhead. One portable restroom about halfway along the east end of the trail is also accessible.

Beach/Shore Access
Beach wheelchairs are available for checkout at the Marina. Call 951-940-5603 or 951-657-2179 for information.

The Regional Indian Museum is currently open Saturdays and Sundays from 10-4, Wednesdays from 10-2, and Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment for school groups with advance reservations. The exhibits are mostly accessibly designed, as is the sales area. The museum theatre has space for wheelchairs. Restrooms are generally accessible.

***October 2014 Update*** Due to drought conditions and low lake elevation, the Lot #1 fishing pier is completely out of the water. In an effort to provide equal access, the Marina will temporarily allow fishing on the docks at no additional charge to visitors who possess a valid DMV-issued disabled placard. Accessible parking and route to the dock is available.

Lot #1: An accessible fishing pier is at the west end of Lot #1. It includes lowered railings with 4" gaps to allow for the play of the line on water and curb guards. An accessible restroom and parking space are available nearby.

Sail Cove: Visitors with a valid DMV-issued disabled placard or plate are allowed to park on the beach very close to the water in the designated accessible fishing area. There are mostly soft sand surfaces in this area. Restrooms in the cove are generally accessible. Parking includes seven designated accessible spaces, including two pull-through spaces.

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