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Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park recreates life in the Mexican and early American periods of 1821 to 1872. Five original adobes are part of the park, which includes shops, restaurants, and a museum. The park is located on San Diego Avenue at Twiggs Street. The main park phone number is (619) 220-5422.

The park encompasses seven city blocks and all streets are closed to private vehicles. Upgrades to improve accessibility to pathways and many building entrances were completed in late 2013 and more improvements are pending. To assist visitors, guide maps showing generally accessible routes of travel are provided at all orientation panels located throughout the park and at the Robinson Rose Visitor Information Center. The Accessible Guide to Old Town San Diego is also available by clicking here.

There are several historic structures in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. Many barriers to accessibility have been removed however, a few entries remain with stairs, narrow doors, and high thresholds that may require assistance. Vendors or park staff are available to provide assistance. For the most up-to-date information on access improvements check the parks’ “New in Old Town” project updates webpage.

Commercial Buildings: The ground floors of many of the shops and restaurants are accessible to wheelchair users, but aisles may be narrow and merchandise unreachable for some. Staff is available to lend assistance when requested. The Old Town Theatre and the recently restored Cosmopolitan Hotel are fully accessible.

Exhibits and Visitor Centers: The Robinson Rose House Visitor Information Center is generally accessible, including the store. The McCoy House Interpretive Center, located on the west end of Garden Street, is fully accessible. Other generally accessible facilities include the Mason Street School, the Union Printing Office, the first floor of the Seeley Stable Museum, the exterior of La Casa de Estudillo and its garden, the Courthouse Jail exhibit, and La Casa de Machado y Silvas.

Other Information
Restrooms: A fully accessible restroom is located on Calhoun Street across from the Seeley Stables. Other restrooms throughout the park are useable with the exception of those at the Fiesta de Reyes which are not accessible to people who use wheelchairs.

Parking: Seven parking lots serve Old Town San Diego SHP. All lots have accessible parking, although in Lot C excessive cross slopes in the accessible parking spaces may present barriers for some users.

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