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Van Damme State Park

Van Damme State Park includes nearly 2000 acres of beach and upland on the Mendocino Coast. The park is located three miles south of the town of Mendocino on Highway 1. Phone 707-937-5804 from 8-4 weekdays.

Currently, campsites 7 and 10 are paved, have wheelchair accessible tables, and are at least usable. A number of other sites are fairly level with hard dirt surfaces and may be usable in dry weather. Restroom with Showers. A generally accessible combination toilet room and shower is located near campsite 11. Toilet permits front transfers, and assistance may be need to reach shower controls from bench. Designated accessible parking is adjacent to the building.

See Pygmy Forest Self-Guided Nature Boardwalk below.

Beach/Shore Access
A beach wheelcair is available. Call park or ask at entry station for use information.

Visitor Center. A small visitor center created within a 1930s historic structure is generally accessible. It includes a video area with flexible seating arrangements that can accommodate wheelchairs. Assistance may be needed with handrails on ramp and stairs. Staff assistance is available to help reach items in sales area. Designated accessible parking is available. Restroom in campground is accessible as described above.
Pygmy Forest Self-Guided Nature Boardwalk. Located off Airport Road, this loop trail is generally accessible. Interpretive exhibits describing the forest features are accessible along the approximate 300 yard loop. A ramp from the far end of the loop leads to the Old Logging Road Trail, which may be accessible in dry weather for a short distance. A paved parking lot with 8 spaces includes one van accessible space. The only accessible restroom in the park is in the campground adjacent to site 11.

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