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Hendy Woods State Park

Located in the middle of the Anderson Valley wine district, Hendy Woods State Park is warmer and less foggy than redwood parks along the coast. The park is located on one of the scenic by-ways, the Greenwood Road, or State Highway 128, just southeast of its junction of with Highway 101. Phone (707) 895-3537 or (707) 937-5804 for more information.

Azalea Campground: Four campsites (#5, #37, #40 and #41) dispersed in this campground loop are generally accessible. Activity areas are paved and include accessible picnic tables and fire circles. Tent areas may be small. Restrooms with showers near site 5 and site 17 are usable. Path of travel from each site is about 600 feet.

Wildcat Campground: Puma, a one room cabin in this campground loop, is generally accessible. It is ramped, though some assistance may be needed at door threshold. The cabin contains two bunks, a small table and two chairs, and is heated by a wood stove. Wood is for sale at the park. Water is available nearby. Generally accessible restrooms with showers are close by in this loop, near site 49. Route of travel to restrooms may have some sloped areas that could require help. Assistance may be required at cabinís gravel parking space and at unpaved picnic area. Cabin may be rented up to 7 months in advance during summer season at www.reserveamerica.com. Call park for rental information in off season or for more information.

The All Access Trail is a multi-use redwood forest trail, 0.53 mile long. Rains during early 2006 moved some bridges, so the trail is not fully accessible pending repairs. Trailhead and restroom at the day use area parking lot. Parking: Unmarked but paved, flat and generally accessible. Restroom: A portable restroom is usable. Path of travel from parking area to trail is generally accessible.

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