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China Camp State Park

China Camp State Park was the site of a thriving Chinese shrimp-fishing village of nearly 500 people in the 1880's. The park is north of San Rafael off Highway 101 on North San Pedro Road about 5 miles east of the highway. Phone (415) 456-0766 for more information.

The Back Ranch Meadows Walk-in Campground has 8 walk-in or bike-in sites that are generally accessible in dry weather. It is about 200 feet from the accessible parking spaces to the sites over gravel that is level and very firmly packed. Large sites include accessible tables, water faucets, fire pit, and tent spaces. Restrooms are generally accessible and showers are at least usable, but some assistance may be needed to reach shower controls.

Picnic Area
Weber Point and Buckeye Point Day Use Areas have very usable picnic sites. Generally accessible parking and restrooms are available.

Bullhead Flats has a usable site with a generally accessible restroom and parking. Routes between sites and supporting facilities are usable.

The Back Ranch Campground Trail is a loop trail accessible for its entire 0.24 mile length. The trailhead is located in the campground with potable water and generally accessible parking and restrooms.

The Shoreline Trail is accessible from the Back Ranch Meadows Walk-in Campground to San Pedro Road, just north of the intersection of Shoreline Trail and the Miwok Fire Trail, a total one-way distance of 1.5 miles. It is an oak woodlands trail with riparian areas and offers very nice views of San Pablo Bay.

The Turtle Back Hill Trail is a 0.70 mile accessible loop trail along the shoreline of San Pablo Bay with tidal marsh, bay and oak woodland hillside views. The surface is compacted aggregate, rock, soil, & wood. There are several armored crossings on the trail that water flows over the trail during rain events that might be challenging for some users. There is one section of this trail occasionally becomes inaccessible due to landslides. The trail is generally flat at less than 5% with intermittent sections with slopes of 5% to 8% and one section for 36 feet at 9. There is generally accessible parking across the road near the Turtle Back Hill trailhead. A generally accessible restroom is available at the Back Ranch Meadows campground. An interpretive audio tour is available for this trail. Click here to be redirected to the download page.

Accessible Trail Data
Trail Name Running Slope Cross Slope Trail Width Trail Surface
Turtle Back Hill Trail 3% Average 4 FT Average Aggregate, Rock, Soil, & Wood
9% Maximum 5% Maximum 4 FT Minimum

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