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Sonoma Coast State Park

Sonoma Coast State Beach is actually a series of beaches separated by rocky bluffs and headlands extending 17 miles from Bodega Head to Vista Point north of Jenner. As with all north coast beaches, swimming is not advised, and sudden ground swells and heavy surf can make even beach-combing hazardous. Snowy Plover protective measures are enforced. Developed camping and picnic areas are available at Bodega Dunes, located along Highway One about 1 mile north of Bodega Bay. Some accessible features may be affected by service reductions. Please visit the Sonoma Coast State Park main page or phone (707) 875-3483 prior to visiting the park for more information.

Bodega Dunes Campground: Four campsites are generally accessible. Blown sand may affect surface firmness. Four restrooms with flush toilets and showers are generally accessible. Designated accessible parking is adjacent to the restrooms.

Wright's Beach Campground: has 3 accessible campsites. A generally accessible restroom with flush toilets is available.

Pomo Canyon Environmental Campground: This walk-in campground has 2 accessible campsites, a generally accessible non-flush restroom, and designated accessible parking space. It is approximately 200 feet over hard pack (in dry weather) from the accessible parking space to the campsite. April 2014: This campground is currently closed due to poor conditions and service reductions.

Willow Creek Environmental Campground: This walk-in campground has 2 accessible campsites, a generally accessible non-flush restroom, and van accessible parking. Route from parking to the campsite is accessible. April 2014: This campground is currently closed due to poor conditions and service reductions.

Picnic Area
Bodega Bay vicinity: Campbell Cove, West Bodega Head, and Bodega Dunes have accessible picnic sites. West Bodega head and Bodega Dunes have van accessible parking. Campbell Cove and West Bodega Head have accessible non-flush restrooms while Bodega Dunes has accessible restrooms that flush. April 2014: Campbell Cove is currently closed due to service reductions.

Jenner vicinity: Wright's Beach, Goat Rock and Vista Point have accessible picnic sites. Van accessible parking is available at Goat Rock. Accessible non-flush restrooms are available at all three locations.

The Vista Trail is a 0.7 mile asphalt trail at the northern boundary of Sonoma Coast State Beach. The trail offers sweeping views of the rugged Sonoma coastline. Accessible parking, picnicking and restrooms are available. April 2014: This area is currently closed due to service reductions and lack of trail maintenance.

The Kortum Trail (Segment 3) from Carlevaro Way to Wright's Beach is a 0.8 mile trail that meanders along the coastal bluffs and slightly inland. The primary trail surface is compacted aggregate with a short section of boardwalk. The trail offers outstanding views of the Sonoma Coastline and Pacific Ocean. Accessible parking is provided at both trailheads.

The Kortum Trail (Shell Beach segment) is a short 0.24 mile aggregate base trail beginning at the north end of the Shell Beach parking lot. The trail leads to a bluff overlooking the Shell Beach area. Designated accessible parking and non-flush restrooms are available at the Shell Beach parking lot.

The Bodega Head Nature Trail is a 1.9 mile loop trail originating from the western most parking lot at the end of Westshore Road. The trail offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Tamales Bay, and Bodega Bay all on the same hike. Accessible parking and restroom facilities are available at the trailhead. The trail surface is constructed of compacted aggregate.

Beach/Shore Access
Beach wheelchairs are available. Call (707) 875-3483 for more information.

A 675-foot-long boardwalk and ramp runs through the dunes to the beach from the Bodega Dunes day-use parking lot. It is designed accessible but due to quickly changing site conditions, including blowing sand, this route may not always be passable for people in wheelchairs. Visitors who want to use the ramp should call (707) 875-3483 to inquire about current conditions on the boardwalk.

The Jenner Visitor Center/Park Store has been modified and is accessible, including exhibits. Van accessible parking and a non-flush restroom are available.

The Salmon Creek Ranger Station is a small information center/administrative office and is generally accessible. Van accessible parking is available.

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