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Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is the place where James W. Marshall found some shining flecks of gold in the tailrace of the sawmill he was building for himself and John Sutter. This discovery in 1848 changed the course of history in California and the nation. The park has a museum with exhibits that tell the story of the Gold Rush, a replica of the sawmill, and a fair number of historic buildings. The park is located on Highway 49 at 310 Back Street in Coloma. Phone (530) 622-3470 for more information.

Picnic Area
The North Beach Group Picnic Area has accessible parking, accessibly designed and located picnic tables, and an accessible restroom.

The Main Picnic Area behind the Gold Discovery Museum has accessible tables and may be usable in dry weather with some assistance. Additionally, shaded accessible picnic tables are located adjacent to the Gold Discovery Museum. Accessible parking and restrooms are available at the Gold Discovery Museum, and across Highway 49 at the North Beach Group Picnic Area.

The Levee Trail is a 0.25 mile trail that starts at an accessible parking lot located near the northeast side of the Mt. Murphy Road bridge. The trail takes visitors along the South Fork of the American River and terminates at a river overlook. Accessible parking is provided at the trailhead.

The Gold Discovery Trails are a 1.0 mile system of trails located between the Gold Discovery Museum and the Gold Discovery site. The trails provide access to historic mining infrastructure and native American bedrock mortars. Accessible picnicking and restrooms are provided along the trail route.

Approximately a dozen historic structures are located along the main street or on a hill overlooking the street. Most buildings are usable. Many freestanding interpretive panels are scattered throughout the park and are accessible.

Gold Discovery Museum: The museum and exhibits within are accessible. Accessible parking and restrooms are available at the museum, and across Highway 49 at the North Beach Group Picnic Area. An accessible route that crosses Highway 49, connects the museum to the Gold Discovery Site, Sutter's Mill, and accessible exhibits at the site of the mill.

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