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Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area includes an 18,000-acre lake with opportunities for camping, picnicking, hiking, horseback riding, water sports, biking and boating. The park also includes Lake Natoma, downstream from Folsom Lake, which offers sailing, kayaking and other aquatic sports. The park has multiple entrances most of which are fairly easily reached by either Interstate 80 to Douglas Blvd., or Highway 50 to Hazel Ave., or Folsom Blvd. The administrative offices (and accessible parking) are located at 7755 Folsom-Auburn Road in Folsom, California. Phone (916) 988-0205 for more information.

Beals Point Campground offers 4 designated accessible tent campsites (#10, #13, #15, #20) and 2 designated accessible RV campsites (#65, #67). Accessible restrooms with showers are available in both the tent camping loop and RV camping loop. Van accessible parking spaces are adjacent to the restrooms. Routes of travel from parking to the restrooms are accessible. The campfire center is accessible and has van accessible parking across from campsite #45. The pathway from parking to the campfire center is accessible. Accessible parking is also available at the Beals Point entrance/kiosk and the over-flow lot in the RV camping loop.

Peninsula Campground has 1 accessible campsite and combination restroom with shower. This is a small, more primitive campground situated between the South Fork and North Fork of the lake. Access this campground from Rattlesnake Bar Road in the town of Pilot Hill.

Picnic Area
Beals Point Day-Use: A number of accessible picnic sites are dispersed throughout this large area, some on paved surfaces, others on dirt that is firm and usable in fair weather. A large parking lot serves the entire day use area with 10 spaces designated accessible. A number of unisex restrooms dispersed across the area are accessible.

Nimbus Flats Day-Use: Two accessible picnic areas are located in the area along Lake Natoma near the California State University Sacramento (CSUS) Lake Natoma Aquatic and Safety Center. One area fronts Lake Natoma and is sunny, the other is lightly wooded and shaded. Both have numerous accessible sites. Accessible parking and generally accessible restrooms are conveniently located between the two areas.

Black Miner's Bar: This area has a variety of accessible options for picnicking from large groups, small groups, and single table. The sites are spread out through the area with the accessible concession building and accessible restrooms towards the center of the area. The area also includes a route of travel to the ordinary high water mark of the beach.

Granite Bay Day-Use:
Stage 4: Used when the lake is full pool, this boat ramp also has a shaded accessible picnic area and accessible unisex restrooms. The large parking lot serving this boat ramp has 18 spaces designated accessible.

Main Beach: This popular picnic area features a snack bar and recreational equipment rentals. A large parking lot serves the Main Beach area with 12 spaces designated accessible. A number of generally accessible picnic sites are dispersed along the shoreline (when the lake is full pool). Two generally accessible unisex restroom buildings are available.

Group Picnic: Group picnic site A, accessed from the south end of the Main Beach parking lot, is usable. Assistance may be needed navigating the pathways leading to the site. A generally accessible unisex restroom is adjacent to the picnic area.

Horse Assembly: This area has an accessible horse mounting platform, accessible vault toilet, and 2 picnic areas. Assistance may be needed navigating the dirt pathways leading to these elements.

The American River Hike and Bike Trail is generally accessible for 0.38 mile from Black Miners Bar to Hazel Avenue. Many other portions of this trail are generally accessible, with occasional challenges from slopes or uneven surfaces. The trailhead for the Black Miners Bar section is located at the Black Miners Bar parking lot, on Greenback just east of the intersection of Greenback and Folsom Boulevard. Parking lot is large, paved and level. Restrooms at west end of lot are generally accessible.

The Oaks Nature Trail (formerly Peninsula Trail) is an ‘out-and-back’ accessible Trail that is 0.79 miles each way at the Peninsula section of the park. Park entry and trailheads are off Rattlesnake Bar Road. The surface is compacted aggregate. The trail is generally at less than 5% slopes with intermittent sections between 5% to 10%. A designated accessible parking space and a usable portable toilet are at the day use area near the first trailhead.

The Doton’s Cove Trail is an ‘out-and-back’ accessible trail that is 0.53 miles each way located in the Granite Bay Day-Use area. The main trailhead is located at the Beek's Bight parking lot. Accessible parking is also located at the trails terminus, along the main park road, near Dotons Point. The surface is compacted aggregate. The trail is generally at less than 5% slopes with intermittent sections between 5% to 10%. Accessible parking and a vault restroom, is located at the Beek's Bight parking lot.

Accessible Trail Data
Trail Name Running Slope Cross Slope Trail Width Trail Surface
Oaks Nature Trail 4% Average 3.5 FT Average Aggregate
10% Maximum 5% Maximum 3.5 FT Minimum
Doton’s Cove Trail 4% Average 3.5 FT Average Aggregate
10% Maximum 5% Maximum 3.5 FT Minimum

Beach/Shore Access
Beal’s Point: A beach wheelchair is available. It may be checked out with a valid photo ID and a completed Wheelchair Checkout form.

Granite Bay Main Swim Beach: A beach wheelchair is available at the concession stand 7 days a week from 11 am to 6 pm, on a first-come first-served basis, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It may be checked out with a valid photo ID and a completed Wheelchair Checkout form. Call (916) 740-0459 for information.

Additional beach wheelchairs are available for checkout for Folsom Lake SRA park units. Please contact the Folsom Lake SRA Sector office at (916) 988-0205 for additional details. A valid photo ID and completed Wheelchair Checkout form are required at time of checkout.

The CSUS Aquatic Center has canoes, kayaks, and other rentals available for those who can self-transfer. See the heading “Other Information” for details.

American River Water Education Center: Directly across the street from the Folsom Lake State Recreation Administrative Office is the American River Water Education Center (ARWEC). This facility is an educational center that interprets the American River Watershed and the importance of water conservation with exhibits, interactive displays, a school house, a drought tolerant garden and programs. The Center and its adjacent classroom are accessibly designed. All restrooms are accessible. Accessible parking is available. All paths and exterior exhibits are accessible. The Center is open to the public on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Group educational programs are offered from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or by appointment. Additional information available online at www.usbr.gov/mp/arwec. ARWEC is located at 7785 Folsom-Auburn Road, Folsom. Phone (916) 989-7100 for general information or call (916) 989-7132 to arrange programs.

Nimbus Flats Fishing Area: The area along Lake Natoma at the west end of the CSUS Lake Natoma Aquatic and Safety Center includes a pier and fishing platform at the far end of the picnic area. The platform is accessibly designed and includes lowered railings for persons who fish from seated positions or those of shorter stature. Accessible parking, at least six accessible picnic tables, and the accessible designed restroom are nearby. Paths connecting all these facilities are also accessibly designed.

Other Information
Boating at Granite Bay Day-Use: The Stage 4 boat ramp area has accessible parking, restrooms, and accessibly designed boarding docks. Boats, personal watercraft, and other aquatic equipment rentals are available from Granite Bay Rentals, Inc. Assistance may be needed navigating pathways to the rental office. Phone (916) 910-5335 or visit www.granitebaypwcrentals.com for more information.

The CSUS Aquatic Center on Lake Natoma is a joint project facility between California State Parks, Associated Students of California State University Sacramento, the Bureau of Reclamation and California State Park's Division of Boating and Waterways. It is located on Lake Natoma, adjacent to the Nimbus Flats area within Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. The street address is 1901 Hazel Ave, Rancho Cordova, CA. The Center is a public facility where different types of boats are for rent, and classes in boating safety are available. Most of the facilities, including parking, classrooms, docks, and restrooms, are now accessible. Low profile docks enable wheelchair users who can self-transfer to rent and use kayaks and canoes. See online information at www.csusaquaticcenter.com or call 916-AQUATIC or (916) 278-2842 for more information.

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