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San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area

San Luis Reservoir was constructed as a storage reservoir for the federal Central Valley Project and the California State Water Project. It stores runoff water from the Delta that would otherwise flow into the ocean. The State Recreation Area is noted for fishing, boating, board sailing, camping, and picnicking. Accessibility improvements have begun and will continue for several years. Note that the area is often windy and high winds can come up suddenly. The park is on Highway 152, 7 miles west of I-5 near Gustine. Phone 209-826-1197 during business hours. Weather and wind conditions, 800-805-4805.

Basalt Campground: Six accessible campsites are dispersed through the park. Accessible campsites are #’s 20, 35, 36, 40, 51, 56 and 73.
Restrooms: There are two accessible combination restrooms with showers, one in each campground loop.
Parking: Designated accessible spaces are adjacent to each restroom.

Medeiros Campground: There are three accessible campsites available with accessible restrooms (non-flushable) available in the campground.

San Luis Creek Campground: Accessible campsites are available. Accessible Campsites are #’s 9, 12, 13, 32, 34, and 45.
Restrooms: There are accessible restrooms (non-flushable) available in this campground.

Picnic Area
Dinosaur Point: Accessible picnic sites and restroom (non-flushable) are available.

San Luis Creek Area: Accessible picnic sites are available. There are accessible restrooms available on North and South Beach Areas. An accessible trail (approximately 3 miles in length) follows the O'Neill Forebay shoreline from the North Beach Area through the campground and ends at a popular fishing spot known as the Check 12 Area. This is where the CA Aqueduct empties into the O'Neill Forebay.

Basalt Area: Accessible picnic sites are available.

Los Banos Creek:This area has accessible picnic sites with shade ramadas and an accessible vault restroom.

The San Luis Creek Trail begins at the San Luis Creek campground and extends south for 2.1 miles to South Beach day-use area. The 5’ wide paved trail provides linkage to multiple destination points including the group campground, north day-use area and several fishing spots. The surface is asphalt. The trail is generally flat at less than 5% slopes with intermittent sections between 5% to 8% and one section for 15 feet at 9%. Accessible parking is available at several locations along the trail route.

Accessible Trail Data
Trail Name Running Slope Cross Slope Trail Width Trail Surface
San Luis Creek Trail 1% Average 5 FT Average Asphalt
9% Maximum 2% Maximum 5 FT Minimum

Beach/Shore Access
A beach wheelchair is available. The North Beach has accessible picnic sites, parking, outdoor rinsing showers, and restrooms.

Romero Visitor Center, operated by the Department of Water Resources, is generally accessible and open daily. It provides excellent views of the area as well as interpretive information. For more information call 209-827-5353.

Basalt Area: When water level is low, vehicles often obtain park permission to park near the water for fishing. A generally accessible restroom is near the boat launch area.
Los Banos Creek Reservoir: Accessible parking is available at the Boat Launch parking lot.

Other Information
The Park Office is accessible and an accessible restroom is available.

Definitions & Terms
Meets all or most of the current accessibility standards; most visitors with disabilities will not need assistance.
Generally accessible
Meets many current codes and has few barriers, but some visitors with disabilities may need assistance.
Meets some current codes but has some barriers; many visitors with disabilities may require assistance.
Designated accessible
Describes facilities that have been set aside and usually signed or “designated” accessible because they met accessibility codes when built. Such facilities may vary from newer suggested guidelines in specified ways, and improvements may be planned or ongoing. Minor variations from guidelines are not usually described. This term is often used for parking spaces that are reserved for visitors with disabilities even though there may be minor issues with slope, signage, or size.

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