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Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Millerton State Recreation Area offers visitors swimming, fishing, picnicking and boating. The hills surrounding the lake provide good hiking opportunities. Created by construction of the Friant Dam across the San Joaquin River in 1944, the park also contains the original 1867 Millerton County Courthouse. A number of usable picnic sites and group picnic sites are available. Some usable tent campsites and generally accessible RV sites with hookups are also available. Further accessibility improvements are planned. The park is just north of Fresno, reachable off Highway 99 via either Highway 41 or 145. Phone 559-822-2225.

The campground is set on hilly terrain with a few tent sites that may be usable dispersed through four of the six camping loops.
Meadow Campground. Accessible restroom, shower and parking available by campsite #91. RV sites with hook-ups are dispersed around a paved loop, and four RV sites are generally accessible. Usable restrooms and restrooms with showers are available throughout the other campground loops. Some designated accessible parking is adjacent to restrooms.
Campfire Center. The campfire center is located at the north shore on a usable path of travel with space for two wheelchairs. Two accessible parking spaces are also provided.
Group Camps. Accessible restroom, shower and parking are provided.

Picnic Area
South Shore. The La Playa day use area on the South Shore is located on a hilly promontory with picnic tables, including two accessibly designed tables on a flat surface overlooking the lake. Tables are on dirt surfaces so usability is affected by wet weather.
Restroom. Accessible restroom with adjacent accessible parking is provided.
Grange Grove. Two group picnic areas at Grange Grove, South Shore, have two accessible tables at each site. Restrooms are accessible. Routes of travel are generally accessible. A large parking lot includes ample designated accessible parking.
Crows NestThere is an accessible designed picnic area with accessible restroom and parking.
South Finegold Day Use Area. There is an accessible picnic area with accessible restroom and parking.

McKenzie Point Trail & Marina Trail. Located on the South Shore. A portion of these trails are accessible with accessible parking.

The 19th century courthouse serves as an exhibit center on the history of the town of Millerton. The facility is generally accessible. Unisex restrooms at the uphill end of the parking lot permits side transfers and may permit front transfers. Accessible parking spaces are dispersed near both the restroom and the courthouse. The hillside location of the parking area may create some challenges. Some assistance may be required with the slopes or at the curb ramps.

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