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San Juan Bautista State Historic Park

Once the largest town in central California and a hub of travel between northern and central California, the town of San Juan Bautista houses one of California's 21 Franciscan missions. An easy stroll from the Mission, San Juan Bautista State Historic Park includes a number of structures built in the 1800s such as the Plaza Hotel, the Zanetta House (also known as Plaza Hall), a stable, blacksmith shop, granary, jail and several other buildings. Exhibits show California life of the Mission, Mexican, and early American periods. The privately owned Mission may also be visited separately from the park. The park is located in the city of San Juan Bautista, on Highway 156, 3 miles east of Highway 101. Phone 831-623-4526.

Picnic Area
A large picnic area between the Mission and the Zanetta House has tables that may be usable on a packed gravel suface. The tables provide knee space at each end that is only a bit short of requirements for persons using wheelchairs.

Short, narrow historic doorways and high thresholds have been modified where possible to enhance accessibility, and most of the park is usable, excluding the upper floors. Ramped entries are available to several areas. Routes of travel along city sidewalks are mostly usable. The following areas are the most accessible.
The Castro Breen Adobe, exhibits and visitor path of travel have been redesigned to provide enhanced accessibility as well direct access to more rooms. A captioned video is available showing the upper floors. Listening assistance devices are available. Staff assistance is available to unlock security gates to the courtyard behind Castro Breen.
The Plaza Hotel ground floor is generally accessible. Some persons may need assistance getting over the high historic threshold.
The Stables. A ramped entry allows access to the stables and blacksmith shop and a view of the exterior of the Zanetta House and gardens and the San Juan Eagle historic fire wagon.
Restrooms. The restrooms behind the Zanetta House permit side transfers only; these restrooms are open on a limited basis. Restrooms near the historic jail may have enough space (44") to permit front transfers. Both restrooms have some slight slopes along the path of travel and other minor deficiencies, but one or the other may be usable for some wheelchair users.

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