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Morro Bay State Park

Morro Bay State Park features lagoon and natural bay habitat. The park has opportunities for sailing, fishing, camping, hiking, and bird watching. The park museum has exhibits on natural features and cultural history, Native American life, geology, and oceanography. Phone (805) 772-2560 for more information.

Family Campground: Three RV campsites with electric/water hookups (#24, #26, and #29) and nine tent campsites (#47, #60, #91, #99, #108, #113, #114, #130, and #132) are generally accessible. Restroom/shower combo buildings are generally accessible, including pathways to them.

Group Campground: At least one space and accompanying restroom/shower is generally accessible.

Campfire Center: Adjacent to the picnic area, the campfire center is generally accessible, including parking and the path from the parking to the campfire center. Generally accessible restrooms are adjacent to the Camp Host (site #135).

Picnic Area
Adjacent to the campfire center, generally accessible picnic tables are dispersed in a lightly wooded area. Some visitors may need assistance with the route to the picnic tables, which is across compacted soil. Generally accessible parking is available. Generally accessible restrooms are adjacent to the Camp Host (site #135).

The Marina Peninsula Trail is an 0.70 mile accessible loop trail/boardwalk with dynamic views of Morro Bay and Morro Bay Estuary. The surface is compacted soil and boardwalk. This trail is generally flat at less than 5% slopes. Trailhead and accessible parking are located at the east end of the Morro Bay State Park Marina parking lot. Accessible restrooms are located adjacent to the Bayside Caf.

The Museum Trail is an 0.1 mile accessible paved trail from the museum parking lot to the Museum of Natural History. Accessible parking is located at the museum parking lot. An accessible unisex restroom is at the museum.

Accessible Trail Data
Trail Name Running Slope Cross Slope Trail Width Trail Surface
Marina Penisula Trail 1% Average 4 FT Average Aggregate & Wood
4% Maximum 2% Maximum 4 FT Minimum

Morro Bay Museum of Natural History: The museum is accessible, with interactive accessible exhibits. Accessible parking and restrooms are available.

Virtual Photo Walks is a non-profit organization that harnesses the power of the internet and mobile communications to enable the disabled infirm and those isolated and hospitalized young and old to visit distant places. More information is available by visiting Virtual Photo Walks.

An archived Virtual Photo Walk that took place at Morro Bay SP Discovers the Playful Side of Life with Mama and Baby Sea Otters.

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