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Monterey State Historic Park

Monterey State Historic Park includes structures that served as California's capital under Spanish, Mexican and U.S. rule. Ten buildings including the Custom House (built in 1827), California's first theater (built in 1846-47), and several residences (which are now museums) built in the 1830s, preserve the area's rich history of early California. The park is located at 20 Custom House Plaza, in Monterey. Phone (831) 649-2907 or (831) 649-7172 for more information.

Many historic structures and interpretive facilities fan out from the Fisherman’s Wharf area along Monterey’s Path of History. Several park structures have been modified for accessibility, but the sites are spread out and the terrain of Monterey is hilly in some areas, so assistance- or an electric wheelchair- may be needed to get to some of them. No dedicated visitor parking is available for these sites, however, the City of Monterey operates a variety of public garages and lots that serve the park, and include accessible parking. Accessible restrooms are located off the Central Plaza in the Casa del Oro Garden. The restrooms in the Cooper Molera courtyard are generally accessible.

In the Central Plaza area, the Pacific House and Custom House are generally accessible and make good starting points for a visit. West of the Custom and Pacific Houses the First Brick House and California’s First Theater both have been rehabilitated for accessibility. At the southern end of downtown, much of the Cooper-Molera complex is generally accessible. Several structures that may be usable, including the Stevenson, Larkin, Cooper, and Diaz Houses, are only open by guided tours at specific times.

A variety of guided and self-guided tour options are available including via a brochure, an app, or via cell phone. Visit Tour Information for details. Alternate format materials are available at the Pacific House and the Cooper Molera store. The Monterey SHP YouTube channel hosts virtual tours of several of the structures and other educational content.

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