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Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park, a premier natural open-space area in the hills of Santa Ana Canyon near Riverside, is a critical link in the Puente-Chino Hills biological corridor. It encompasses stands of oaks, sycamores and rolling, grassy hills that stretch nearly 31 miles, from the Santa Ana Mountains to the Whittier Hills. You can access the park and the trails from the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center located at 4500 Carbon Canyon Road in the city of Brea or at 4721 Sapphire Road off of Soquel Canyon Parkway via Route 71 in the city of Chino Hills. Call (951) 780-6222 or (714) 524-2471 for more information.

Located in the Rolling M Ranch area, the campground has two designated accessible campsites (#15, #16). The combination restroom/shower building in the center of the campground is designated accessible. Routes to the restroom are generally accessible.

Picnic Area
Just east of the Discovery Center and adjacent to the Native Plant Nursery, two picnic ramada's are accessible. Accessible parking is nearby. Accessible restrooms are available at the Discovery Center.

The Native Plant Trail is approximately 200 feet in length and is designated accessible. The trail begins near the campground kiosk/pay station and connects into the historic barn multi-use trail. Designated accessible parking is near the campground kiosk and near the historic cattle chute and scale.

The Discovery Center is accessible. Parking, routes, and restrooms are accessible.

Other Information
An accessible horse-mounting platform is available in the Rolling M Ranch area.

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