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El Capitan State Beach

A popular family park about 20 miles west of Santa Barbara, “El Cap” provides camping, picnicking, a bike trail and all the usual beach activities. Phone (805) 968-1033 for more information.

There are 10 accessible campsites that are primarily designed for tent camping. The combination restroom/shower building adjacent to the De Anza Group Camp is accessible.

Group Camps: Drake and Ortega are accessible including parking and restroom buildings.

Picnic Area
Accessible picnic sites are provided adjacent to the beach area.

The Nature Trail is a 0.6 mile trail that starts near the park entrance station and takes visitors on a hike through a riparian corridor with large sycamore and oak trees, and offers coastal views as well as an accessible day use picnic area. Accessible parking is provided near the park entrance station. Accessible restrooms are provided at the main day use parking lot.

Bluff-Top Bike Trail: Visitors to El Capitan State Beach can enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands from a bluff-top bike trail/walkway. Part of the trail has been closed because of coastal erosion so it is no longer possible to travel between El Capitan and Refugio State Beaches, but parts of the trail remain open. The trail has fairly level sections, and parts of it may be usable, and challenging, for strong wheelchair users. An accessible restroom is located in the day use parking lot.

Beach/Shore Access
Contact park staff at the entrance station or the Camp Host for beach wheelchair information.

The Campfire Center has been improved to provide accessible parking, routes, seating, and stage access.

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