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Providence Mountains State Recreation Area

Providence Mountains State Recreation Area is located on the east side of the Providence Mountain range at an elevation of 4300 feet, and offers dramatic views of the surrounding Mojave Desert. Other features include Mitchell Caverns Natural Preserve. Tours of the caverns are by reservation only. Visit the park’s homepage for tour information or phone (760) 928-2586.

A small 6-site campground has two campsites (#1 and #2) that are generally accessible in fair weather. An accessible unisex restroom at the west end of the campground serves the campground and the Visitor Center. A drinking fountain and telephone, located at the restroom building, are generally accessible.

Visitor Center: Interior design is generally accessible. Parking and path of travel from the lower parking lot to the Visitor Center is generally accessible.

Mitchell Caverns Natural Preserve Tour: The tour requires a 1.5-mile round-trip hike from the visitor center and is not fully accessible due to slopes and uneven surface. There is a chain handrail on one side of the trail, and concrete stairs along the trail. However, there are also stairs along the trail that are made of natural rock and are uneven or not uniform. Once inside the caverns, the path is firm and stable, many of the stairs are uniform heights, and there are some handrails. The cavern formations create areas as low as 62 inches and as narrow as 14 inches. For those that cannot make the hike, a video tour of the caverns is available for visitors to watch at the Visitor Center.

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