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Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Park


The Antelope Valley Indian Museum is located at 15701 East Avenue M, in Lancaster California. The museum houses artifacts and exhibits that interpret the Great Basin Indian Cultures. The unique structure was originally constructed in 1928 by homesteader/artist H. Arden Edwards and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visit www.avim.parks.ca.gov for current hours of operation or phone the park at (661) 946-3055.


The multi-level museum building includes ramps and exterior walkways that provide access for people with mobility disabilities to most portions of the museum including the Great Basin Room, the Antelope Valley Room, the Southwest Room, and the Kachina Hall. The entire contents of the museum can be viewed on the museumís website at the link provided in the Overview section.

Other Information

Restrooms located inside the museum are generally accessible. The parking lot is composed of hard packed gravel and some visitors may require assistance reaching the museum from parking. The park does include a small picnic area and a nature trail neither of which are accessible due to topography and sand surfaces however an all-terrain wheelchair is housed at the park. Contact the park to inquire about availability.

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