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Silver Strand State Beach

Silver Strand State Beach features extensive beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay with many accessible features. The front gate opens year-round at 8 a.m. Camping is available for self contained vehicles - motor-homes or trailers. Itís always a good idea to call ahead regarding operating hours, fees, and conditions, which can change. The beach is located 4.5 miles south of the city of Coronado on Highway 75. Phone 619-435-5184.

Self-contained vehicles may camp in the lot on the (ocean) beach side, but there are no hook-ups. Only outdoor rinsing showers are available on both bay and ocean side.

Beachside Restroom#1 Restroom and dressing room modified for access. Two outdoor rinsing showers installed.
Beachside Plaza Area Entrance to lifeguard office was made accessible, picnic tables replaced with accessible models, benches replaced with accessible models.
Beachside Restroom #3 Restroom floors were modified for access. This accessible restroom services the campground and day use.
Bayside Restroom #ís 4 and 7 Entrances modified for access. Outside rinsing showers modified for access.
Bayside Restroom #5 Restroom modified to provide one accessible toilet room.

Picnic Area
Ocean or "beach" side: Several small picnic areas include accessible tables under shade structures. Restrooms: Accessible restrooms and restrooms with showers are dispersed through the park. Outdoor rinsing showers are now accessible. Parking: Accessible spaces are available in all three ocean side lots. Routes of travel: Paths from parking to beach activity areas are generally level and accessible.
Bay side: Many shaded accessible picnic tables are available. Tunnels under the freeway from each ocean side parking lot lead to the Bay side picnic and beach areas. Routes of travel through the tunnels are paved and mostly accessible. Tunnel 3 has some 10% slopes for short distances. All visitors should exercise caution when moving along park roadways. With park staff permission, visitors with disabilities may be dropped off at the bay side. Restrooms: Restrooms on the Bay side are accessible. An outdoor rinsing shower is also accessible.

Crown Cove Trail,is a loop trail that roughly parallels the Cove and offers some nice Bay views. It is accessible for its .8 mile length. The trailhead is opposite parking lot 3, and an accessible restroom is nearby.

Beach/Shore Access
Beach wheelchairs are available. Call or check at entry station for information. Beach mats are also available to provide some limited firm path access to the beaches.

Other Information
updated Nov. 2009

New shaded, paved accessible picnic areas are right along the ocean at Silver Strand State Beach.

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