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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

With over 600,000 acres, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park includes washes, wildflowers, palm groves, cacti and sweeping vistas of the Colorado Desert. The park office, visitor center, and three of its campgrounds have accessible features as described below. Many visitors approach from the east or west via Highways S22 and 78. Highway S2 enters the park from the south off Interstate 8. Phone (760) 767-4205 or (760) 767-5311 for more information.

Borrego Palm Canyon Campground: In the developed sites, three tent campsites (#118, #119, #120) are accessible. The tent pads are 12-foot by 12-foot on soft sand. Two RV campsites with full hookups (#49, #52) are accessible. Five accessible unisex toilet rooms with separate showers are dispersed through the upper and lower ends of the campground with some near tent sites and some near sites with RV hookups. Pathways from the campsites to restrooms are accessible. There is also one accessible parking space adjacent to each of the accessible restrooms. The campfire center has been made accessible.

Bow Willow Campground: There are 2 accessible campsites and an accessible non-flush restroom at this remote primitive campground.

Tamarisk Grove Campground: Three campsites (#17, #20, #27) are accessible. Campsites #17 and #20 include an accessible cabin. An accessible restroom/shower building is adjacent to site #27 and includes dedicated accessible parking.

Vern Whitaker Horse Camp: There is 1 accessible campsite and an accessible horse mounting ramp at this campground. An accessible restroom is available. Routes of travel to the restroom and campsite are accessible.

The Campground Visitor Center Trail is a 0.75 mile accessible trail near the Visitor Center that connects the Visitor Center to the Borrego Palms Campground. The trail navigates desert scrub brush and wildflowers with views of the desert mountains. The trail is a concrete trail that is generally flat at less than 5% with two sections of 19 feet between 5% and 8%. Accessible parking is available at the visitor center.

The Visitor Center Loop Trail is a 0.40 mile accessible loop interpretive trail near the Visitor. Interpretive panels along the trail focus on area plants and animals and include Braille text keyed to alternate senses. The trail is a concrete trail that is generally flat at less than 5%. Accessible parking is available at the visitor center.

The Culp Valley Trail is an ‘out-and-back accessible trail that is 0.5 mile each way that starts at the Culp Valley Campground located off S22, Montezuma Valley Road. Access to the trailhead is located on the backside of the campground. This trail is constructed of compacted soil and aggregate and has a destination overlook of the Borrego Valley and surrounding area. There are several armored crossings on the trail that water flows over the trail during rain events that might be challenging for some users. The trail is generally flat at less than 5% slopes with intermittent sections between 5% and 8% and one section for 21 feet at 9%. Accessible parking is available at the trailhead and the accessible restroom at the campground.

Accessible Trail Data
Trail Name Running Slope Cross Slope Trail Width Trail Surface
Campground Visitor Center Trail 3% Average 5 FT Average Concrete
7% Maximum 2% Maximum 5 FT Minimum
Visitor Center Loop Trail Concrete
5% Maximum 2% Maximum 5 FT Minimum
Culp Valley Trail 4% Average 4 FT Average Aggregate
9% Maximum 10% Maximum 4 FT Minimum

The Visitor Center is generally accessible and includes automatic doors at the entry. Exhibits are generally accessible. Assistive listening devices are available. Exterior accessible restrooms off the parking area are available. Parking includes four designated accessible spaces with one van accessible. The path from the parking lot to the Visitor Center entry is 300-feet-long, but the path is paved and generally accessible.

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