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MacKerricher State Park

MacKerricher State Park offers beach, bluff, headland, dune, forest and wetlands habitats. The park was at one time part of the Mendocino Indian Reservation as well as a part of the Union Lumber Company. It is located three miles north of Fort Bragg on Highway 1, near the town of Cleone. Phone (707) 964-9112 for more information.

Six campsites are accessible (#67, #74, #83, #118, #120, #143). Routes of travel to restrooms are generally accessible. Restrooms with showers near campsites 26 and 74 are generally accessible.

The campfire center has wheelchair accessible and companion seating available. Parking, and a 300-foot boardwalk leading to the campfire center, is accessible.

Picnic Area
Two accessible picnic areas are located in the Laguna Point parking lot. Parking, routes, and nearby vault restrooms are accessible. An accessible water station is located near the restrooms.

The Laguna Point Interpretive Trail is a 0.60 mile accessible boardwalk loop trail, set atop the bluffs, which offers sweeping vistas from Fort Bragg to the Lost Coast. Overlook platforms along the boardwalk loop allow whale and harbor seal watching, and contain educational exhibits. The trailhead, accessible parking, and accessible restrooms are located at the Laguna Point parking lot.

The Haul Road Trail is an old paved road that is used as a multi-use trail that provides sweeping vistas of ocean beaches, dunes, and cliffs. The trail is generally accessible. Portions of the trail may at times not be fully accessible due to forces of nature. The Haul Road consists of three sections. Visitors can travel from one section to another, but accessible connection between the sections is not possible. The Silvergate Section of the trail is a flat ‘out-and-back’ accessible trail that is 0.87 miles total each way. The trail extends to the south 0.1 miles and 0.77 miles to the north. The surface is asphalt. Accessible parking and restroom are located in the parking lot next to the Beachcomber Motel. The Laguna Point Section of the trail is an ‘out-and-back’ accessible trail that is 1.29 miles each way. The surface is aggregate and asphalt. The trail is generally flat at less than 5% slopes with one section for 24 feet at 7% slope. Accessible parking, picnic areas, and restrooms are located in the Laguna Point day-use area. The Ward Avenue Section of the trail is an ‘out-and-back accessible trail that is 0.83 miles each way. The surface is asphalt. The trail section is generally flat at less than 5% slopes. Accessible parking is located in a parking area off of Ward Avenue.

Accessible Trail Data
Trail Name Running Slope Cross Slope Trail Width Trail Surface
Haul Road Trail 2% Average 1.9% Average 7 FT Average Aggregate & Asphalt
7% Maximum 3% Maximum 4 FT Minimum

Beach/Shore Access
A beach wheelchair is available for use at California State Park beaches in the Mendocino Coast area. Email Mendocino.specialevents@parks.ca.gov or call (707) 937-5804 at least 7 days in advance to reserve, or check in at the entrance station at MacKerricher State Park or Van Damme State Park for first-come, first-serve availability.

Visitor center: One van-accessible parking space is located near the kiosk and visitor center. The small visitor center has a usable ramp. The exhibits in the visitor center are accessible.

Laguna Point: Educational exhibits have been installed along the accessible route to the vault restrooms.

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