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Candlestick Point State Recreation Area

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area (SRA) offers beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay from its hiking trails. Take the Candlestick Park exit from U.S. 101 in San Francisco. The park is open 8am to 5pm daily, closing later in summer months. Phone (415) 671-0145 for more information.

Picnic Area
Many accessibly designed tables are in the park but firm pads on which tables sit are often too small to permit moving around table or getting to grills or water easily. The most usable sites are described below:

Jackrabbit and Plover Picnic Areas: Accessible tables on small pads may be usable. Accessible restrooms are nearby. Routes of travel to tables may require crossing short stretches of lawn. Paths to restrooms and parking are generally accessible.

Windharp Hill Group Picnic Area: Accessible tables on small pads. Water faucets may require assistance. Accessible restrooms are in park but not nearby. Accessible Parking is available. Routes of travel from parking to tables are generally accessible.

The Bay Trail is a popular paved hike, bike and skate trail about 1 mile long that follows the shore. Trailhead, generally accessible restroom, and parking are at Candlestick Point SRA main lot and at the Last Port parking lot.

The Shoreline Trail is a 0.75 mile paved accessible hike, bike and skate trail that leads to a fishing site at the Point. Trailhead, accessible parking, and restroom are located at the main parking lot.

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For more information: access@parks.ca.gov | Phone: (916) 445-8949 | Fax: (916) 449-8966
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