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Angel Island State Park

A number of facilities are accessible, but the island is extremely hilly. For persons with limited mobility who may need assistance, advance notice is strongly recommended. Call the park main line at (415) 435-5390 or the Cove Café at (415) 435-3392.

Angel Island State Park offers opportunities to hike, bike, or take a narrated tram tour around a historic island with structures dating from the Civil War through World War II. Panoramic views of the Bay Area are without equal. Access to the Island is by private boat or public ferry from San Francisco, Tiburon or Vallejo. Ferry information is at (415) 435-2131 or online at www.angelislandferry.com. For information on all other ferries contact www.blueandgoldfleet.com.

The Ayala Cove Visitor Center is open daily, but all other structures are open more often during summers and on weekends, subject to volunteer availability. The United States Immigration Station is open for guided tours, by reservation, Wednesday through Sundays. The site is fully accessible with the use of ramps, chair lifts and elevator. Park staff and volunteers provide interpretive programs and conduct tours. For tour schedules and reservations call (415) 435-5537.

Picnic Area
Accessible picnicking is available in front of the Visitor Center and at the Platform Group Picnic Area. Generally accessible restrooms are located adjacent to the Platform Group Picnic Area.

Tiburon Shore Access Area:

City parking closest to pier includes accessible spaces. Paths of travel between these facilities are generally accessible. The curbside drop-off area and the ferry boarding dock are generally accessible. Public restrooms adjacent to the boarding dock are generally accessible. The ferry has no restrooms.

Ayala Cove Area:

Accessible restroom facilities are available in Ayala Cove. Space in the gift shop is tight but the sales kiosk is generally accessible.

The Ayala Cove Café has a ramp that provides front entry. Some assistance may be needed at threshold. Seating is accessible. Sales and food counters are slightly high, but assistance is available.

Narrated (taped) one-hour tram tours depart from the Ayala Cove Café on varied schedules from spring through early fall. Written transcripts are available on request. Portable lifts provide wheelchair access to two trams with wheelchair spaces. For more tram information, visit www.angelisland.com or phone (415) 897-0715.

The Ayala Cove Visitor Center is open daily and offers a captioned video about Chinese immigration history on Angel Island and a video on the general history of Angel Island. A ramped side entry provides wheelchair access and the side stairs include handrails. Exhibits are accessible.

East Garrison Area:

The Guardhouse/Visitor Center is generally accessible. Most exhibits are generally accessible. A lift in the ground floor provides access to the main floor.

A restroom near the lift entry is generally accessible.

West Garrison Area:

A generally accessible restroom is near the West Garrison Hospital.

Officers Quarters 10 is a house museum with a historic brick path of travel to a usable ramped entry and to the first floor, and the historic Bake House is accessible via brick path and concrete ramp.

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